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The king of Xining County suppressed the fear in his heart and said calmly, "I don't know what the emperor is talking about." "Jing Cong, why did you arrest me?" The king of Rui on one side shouted. The false queen mother, Mammy Xu, confessed everything. Jing Cong looked at Rui Wang and Xining Jun Wang sarcastically. "The thousand dead soldiers left to you by Yi Taifei were also killed by me." Although the king of Xining County guessed that their one thousand dead soldiers were killed by Jing Cong, he still had a little luck in his heart and felt that Jing Cong could not find the one thousand dead soldiers. But now that he heard that a thousand dead men had really been killed by Jing Cong, his heart was filled with fear. Rui Wang on one side was already pale with fear and looked at Jing Cong in disbelief. Jing Cong was too lazy to talk nonsense with them any more. He told the Dragon Guard directly, "Put them on death row first and let them spit out their plans.". If they do not speak, torture them until they speak, and remember not to let them die. When King Rui heard Jing Cong's words, he was so frightened that he shivered all over. He stammered, "Jing Cong, you promised your father that you wouldn't hurt me. You can't torture me." "Father?" Jing Cong sneered, "You are not qualified to be called the late emperor [father emperor]." Xining county king heard this, the heart mercilessly picked, fundus across a touch of panic,cold drawn tubes, Jing Cong what does this mean, do he know that Rui Wang is not the first emperor's own son? Rui Wang bluffed and stared at Jing Cong, but in fact he was particularly afraid, "Jing Cong, what do you mean?" Jing Cong said with a cold face, "Jing Rui,side impact door beams, your biological father is the king of Xining County beside you, not the late emperor." King Rui was surprised by Jing Cong's words and looked stunned. The king of Xining County, on the other hand, suddenly raised his head and looked at Jing Cong in horror, as if Jing Cong was an evil ghost that frightened him. Jing Cong crouched down and patted King Rui on the face. His tone was full of mockery. "You are not the son of the late emperor. Do you think I can kill you?"? If the late emperor were still alive, he would kill you with his own hands! King Rui woke up with a start and shouted angrily at Jing Cong, "You're lying. It's not true. You deliberately said I'm not the son of my father in order to kill me!" King Rui was filled with panic and was unwilling to accept the matter. I once told the late emperor that as long as you don't rebel, I won't kill you. Unfortunately, if you don't give up and want my throne, I can't keep you. Jing Cong saw that Rui Wang's eyes were full of fear and uneasiness, and the corners of his mouth raised a bad smile, impact beam tubes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, "I don't need to fabricate that you are not the son of the late emperor to kill you." King Rui kept shaking his head with an unacceptable expression on his face: "It's impossible. You must have lied to me. You just want to kill me.." "If you don't believe me, you can ask the King of Xining County in prison if you are his own son." Jing Cong stood up and motioned to the Dragon Guard to keep the King of Rui and the King of Xining County. When the Dragon Guard was dragging King Rui away, King Rui shouted, "You lied to me. I am the son of my father, not the son of the King of Xining County.." But the king of Xining County did not say a word and let the Dragon Guard drag him away like a dead man. He was at a loss at this time, completely unaware that Mammy Xu had even confessed to this matter. He thought that it was Mammy Xu who said that Jing Cong knew that King Rui was not the son of the late emperor. It's over, it's over! When the king of Xining County saw that Mammy Xu had confessed everything, he knew that there was no way to save the day. He and the king of Rui were doomed. Looking at Rui Wang's desperate appearance, Jing Cong only felt refreshed. To tell you the truth, this is the happiest day he has ever come into this world. Jing Cong originally thought that Xining County King and Ruiwang would not confess for a while and a half, but he did not expect that they confessed everything that night. Confess so soon? Jing Cong raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Did you torture him?" Cai Shaozong shrugged his shoulders and said, "I wanted to use torture. I wanted to use the newly developed punishment on them to try the effect. But before I used the punishment, the king of Xining County confessed all of them.".
"This makes Cai Shaozong very depressed, he did nothing, Xining County King obediently confessed, which makes him very unfulfilled." Are you so honest? Jing Cong originally thought that the king of Xining County and the king of Rui would not admit their death, so he recognized their relatives in front of the civil and military officials, so that they could not deny it. Your Majesty, you don't know that not long after they were locked up in the cell, King Rui fought with the King of Xining County. While fighting, he also questioned the King of Xining County whether what you said was true. Cai Shaozong thought of the situation in the cell in the afternoon and smiled gloatingly. "The king of Xining County didn't admit it at first, saying that you cheated the king of Rui.". When I heard this, I said that the king of Xining County didn't even dare to recognize his own seed. I also said that you would let the civil and military officials recognize their relatives with blood tomorrow. It didn't take long for the king of Xining County to admit it. Jing Cong glared at Cai Shaozong, "who told you to talk too much?" Cai Shaozong raised his hand and hit himself in the mouth. "It's all my fault," he pleaded. "The emperor can't see the good play." "Xining admitted that Ruiwang was his own son. How did Ruiwang react?" "Of course, it was unacceptable, and then he pointed at the king of Xining County and cursed him, saying that the king of Xining County had ruined his life." Cai Shaozong said with great interest, "The king of Xining County was scolded by the king of Rui without saying a word, but I saw that he seemed to have aged a lot all of a sudden." "His own son not only refused to recognize him, but also complained and abused him, which naturally made him feel uncomfortable." Jing Cong can actually understand what is the psychology of Rui Wang, Rui Wang was the first emperor as a baby son loved for more than ten years, the results found that he is not the first emperor's own son, is no longer a noble prince, but a wild species on the table,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, how can he accept this fact? "King Rui later cried and pleaded for mercy, saying that all this was planned by the King of Xining County. He was just bewitched by Xining. I hope you can spare his life." Cai Shaozong thought of King Rui's pleading appearance, and his eyes were full of contempt. The king of Xining County confessed everything? 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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