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Fu Liangxiao clenched heart not only did not ease down, but more and more nervous. The maid Xueying asked cautiously, "Would you like to see the princess?" Fu Liangxiao, of course, wanted to go, but when he thought of the unknown child, he frowned and hesitated. Fu Liangrui looked at Fu Liangxiao carefully and felt that Fu Liangxiao's expression was really strange. After the big wedding, it was said that the king of Chu changed his usual vicious and domineering temperament and doted on the princess, which can be said to be a complete spoiling of his wife. As a matter of fact, Du Xiaoyu had a narrow escape from death and worked hard to give birth to a child. His first child was a son. As his biological father, Fu Liangxiao should be happy. How can he look like a sad face? Is it difficult for Du Xiaoyu to really green him and dare to give birth to another man's child in the palace of Prince Chu? Fu Liangxiao noticed the eyes of Fu Liangrui, slowly raised his head and ordered Xueying, "Send King Ning out of the mansion." "Your Highness, King Ning, please," said Xueying at once. Fu Liangrui before put the words, as long as Du Xiaoyu safe production he left, now naturally can not find words to refute, stood up, generously followed the snow warbler went out. It was still snowing outside, and the snow warbler held an umbrella for him. Outside the gate, Fu Liangrui paused, looked back, and bent his lips upward. He looked against the light and could not see clearly whether the smile was gratifying or mocking. —— When the day will be bright, Fu Liangxiao did a good job of psychological construction for himself,Nail Making Machine price, and went to the delivery room with heavy footsteps. The inside had been cleaned up by the maids, and although the brocade quilts and mattresses had been replaced with new ones, and the fresh and pleasant incense, which was harmless to the puerpera, could not hide the faint smell of blood in the air. Looking at the person sleeping peacefully on the bed, Fu Liangxiao's thin lips were stretched into a line. Little Li You slept next to her, her whole body wrapped in swaddling clothes, only showing her little head, smashing her little mouth from time to time. The baby was so small that Fu Liangxiao almost suspected that it was not as big as his palm. He sat down,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, gently took Du Xiaoyu's hand, and pressed his face into her palm, as if only by doing so could his restless heart get some comfort. Du Xiaoyu was thinking about the child in her sleep, so when Fu Liangxiao touched her, she woke up, and her face was weak and weak after the birth. Wang Ye. Du Xiaoyu moved his finger. Xiao Xiao, I'm here for my husband. Fu Liangxiao raised his head and put her weak and boneless hands together in the palm of his hand like a treasure. At this moment, Du Xiaoyu actually saw unspeakable gratitude in his eyes. Maybe she was grateful that she could come back safely after wandering around the gate of death. Or perhaps she was grateful to God for blessing her to give birth to the child smoothly. It's all right, it's all right, it's all over. Du Xiaoyu sat up, reached out to hold his head, and patted him on the back of the head like a comforting child. This move made Fu Liangxiao, who had always been invincible, suddenly red in his eyes and buried his face in her neck. Not long after, Du Xiaoyu felt the clothes on his shoulders wet. In Du Xiaoyu's heart, even in the eyes of the world, Fu Liangxiao has always been arrogant and arrogant, when because of whom so fragile, wire nail making machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, fragile like a child who can cry out at any time. Du Xiaoyu knew that his heart was uncomfortable, at this moment must be a hundred kinds of taste alternation, but he is Fu Liangxiao, ah, the living King of Hell who was said to be bloody, cruel, cool and unfeeling, fragile is not suitable for him, tears do not belong to him. Thinking of this, Du Xiaoyu shook back his thoughts and said with a weak smile, "I was the one who gave birth to the baby, and I was the one who went to the gate of death. I didn't cry because of the pain. Why are you crying?" Fu Liangxiao ignored it, put his hands around her waist and hugged her tightly, his handsome face still buried in her neck. He did not stop crying, Du Xiaoyu shoulder skin can clearly feel that belongs to the tears of the strong, so real, a moment touched the softest string in her heart. Du Xiaoyu sighed silently and stopped persuading him. I do not know how long, Fu Liangxiao just raised his head, a lot of gentle voice, "tired, quickly lie down and rest." After that, he helped her lie down and covered her with a quilt.
Du Xiaoyu raised his hand, gently wiped away the tears from his eyes, and comforted him with a smile, "Well, you see, I'm fine."? The baby is fine, the mother and child are safe, and everyone is happy. Fu Liangxiao's eyes finally moved from Du Xiaoyu's body to the baby's side. The little man pouted and slept soundly, his head facing one side, just born, not cute and good-looking, but his skin was ruddy, not the kind of abnormal purple seen in previous lives. But even so, did not personally hear the words of the doctor, Fu Liangxiao still dare not take it lightly, eyes glued on the small worry body, for a long time can not move, inside the complex emotions. Du Xiaoyu knew at a glance that he was still worried and said with a smile, "I haven't heard his heartbeat, but I counted his breathing carefully before I went to bed. It's normal." Seeing that Fu Liangxiao was still staring at the baby, she had no choice but to call the mothers who were waiting for the confinement outside to come in, "Change diapers for the little childe!" Several mothers cooperated quite tacitly, and after a while they carefully opened the swaddling clothes of Xiao Liyou. Du Xiaoyu took the opportunity to pull the baby's little hand to touch the pulse, and listened to his heartbeat, this can finally tell Fu Liangxiao the good news. Husband, the baby is normal. Fu Liangxiao's eyes, which were stained with sorrow, suddenly broke into a touch of ecstasy. The whole person stood in place as if he had been immobilized, as if he would not move even if the thunder struck him. His eyes could only see the child who was not as big as a palm. His ears were ringing with the words of his beloved wife: The baby is normal. Normal, no purple face because of poor breathing, no irregular heartbeat, as long as he is well raised, he can follow his father's horse riding and archery, no longer need to worry about excessive exercise causing him to suddenly faint,Nail machine manufacturer, not to mention a little bit of stimulation will kill him. Because of the action of the mothers, Xiao Li woke up with a loud cry. When the diaper was changed and the little buttocks were cleaned, the nurse held him over and fed him. 3shardware.com

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