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O Sousa

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Tie Ming lowered his head, is he really reduced to the point of becoming a human doll and living? No, I can't do this. After all, I am the leader of the Angel Clan. How can I become a human pet. But now he is dying, just now his skills black hole almost drained all his essence, if his body is destroyed, and do not know the reincarnation of that generation, is it wings? The sealing period of the Demons is coming, and the gods are waking up. Everyone is preparing for this moment. If he dies, the Great Demon King of Kanon will attack again. Can anyone deal with the angels? Although the chance of Kanon's resurrection is very small, the black hole devouring him can not create a fundamental soul flight, so he may be resurrected with the help of Kaka, not only Kanon, but also the previously sealed and killed Kaka's men will be resurrected, which is the prediction of ten thousand years ago. But he is unable to accept as an angel clan leader to become a human pet, can not, Tie Ming shook his head, summer and cold-blooded traceless heart trembling, he is still unwilling! "Think about it, Lord Six-Wing," said Summer. "If the Demons recover again, who else can replace you?"? Who can deal with such a strong opponent as the Great Devil of Canon? If you die, you're running away from responsibility, you're running away! Tie Ming felt a shock in his heart. Although what he said was right, he was determined not to agree to his conditions. No, Tie Ming reluctantly stood up and looked at Summer and said, "No, I can't promise you. No matter what, I can't promise to be a human pet!" Summer is a little angry, this guy is really stubborn, casually said: "You are really a coward!" " Tie Ming glared back at Summer. "Are you talking about me?" Summer nodded decisively: "Scold is you!"! A man who shirks his responsibilities! Cold-blooded traceless a little afraid, he is afraid that the summer will provoke the six wings,tannic acid astringent, although now the six wings look very miserable, but after all, he is a 350 super BOSS ah, once he gets angry, two people are not confessed? PS: Today, the amount of 15,000 is all finished, and the promised gold medal is closer and more delivered! Chapter 305 ranking list. Six wings are at a loss what he said in the summer, is it true that he is not willing to accept his advice for his own pride? "Tie Ming, if you die, the angels will lose their support, but if you become my pet,turmeric extract powder, you can not only get the chance of rebirth again, but also live countless times of resurrection opportunities, why not?" Summer continued. (..) And Tie Ming seemed to be convinced by the summer, standing there motionless, summer and cold-blooded traceless are expecting him to agree, if he is not voluntarily captured, it is impossible to succeed, because his level is too high, so high that he has no confidence to capture. And now his state is not a decline in life value, and all-round wear and tear, so the summer did not dare to force the use of capture, but through his consent. Tie Ming turned around slowly. He looked at the expectant summer and finally said, "Well, I promise you, but if I want to come back, you can't stop me!" Summer nodded, first to save you again, become my pet you will not think so, did not wait for Tie Ming to speak again, summer's capture has been used, because Tie Ming is willing, so the first time to capture success. Tie Ming was immediately taken back by the summer pet space, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,lutein eye complex, cold-blooded traceless look at the summer suddenly way: "Liu elder brother you 101?" Cold-blooded traceless to see the white light on the summer body, it is the upgrade of the white light! Summer nod, one hundred and one, ha ha! I am now riding, the goddess of ice and snow, and angels three pets, now the strength of the summer can be said to be in the second world no longer rivals! Two people walk out of the magic palace quickly spread wings, straight to the entrance of the dragon clan, and now the rankings are shocked by summer, one hundred and one, while everyone is still struggling for level 90, he is one hundred and one! Global Ranking.
First place: Liu Suifeng, level 101, China Second place: Ryuo Yamamoto, Class 97 (Japan) Third place: Tom. Lai, Class 96 (USA) Fourth place: Nangong Haotian, Level 95 (China) No.5: Cold-blooded, Level 95 (China) No.6 Rello, Class 94 (USA) 7th place: Kim Ho-min Class 93 (South Korea) No.8 Vikas 92 (India) 9th place: Jiu Gong Zhen Ji Class 91 (Japan) No.10: Fallen Level 90 (China) Global Equipment List. (..) First place, Guardian of the Wolf, owner: Rello (USA) Second place, Ice Sharp, owner: Mysterious Man (China) Third place, God's blessing, owner: Nangong Haotian (China) No.4, Blade of the Wind, owner: Sakurako Yamamoto (Japan) No.5, Transmission Ring, Owner: Mysterious Man (China) Sixth place, Chuanyun Bow, owner: Niaona (China) No.7, Tianlong Armor, owner: Longlong Aimin (South Korea) No.8, Qingfeng Sword, owner: Tom. Lai (UK) No.9, Purple Fox Whip, Owner: Charm Pool (South Korea) No.10, Ancient Samurai Sword, Owner: Ryuo Yamamoto (Japan) Global Pet List. First place, Six-winged Iron Ming, owner, Liu Suifeng (China) Second place, Ice and Snow Goddess, owner, Liu Suifeng (China) Third place, Dead Skeleton, owner, Ryuo Yamamoto (Japan) Fourth place, Wolf King, owner, Rello (USA) No.5, Iceberg Jade Rabbit, owner, Shim Hye Jin (South Korea) No.6, Wind Rider, owner, Kim Ho-min (South Korea) No.7, Nine-Tailed Fox, Owner, Jiugong Maki (Japan) No.8, King Gulin Mang, owner, Vikas (India) No.9, Flame Rosefinch, owner, Nangong Haotian (China) No.10, Ninja Koizumi, owner, Masano Key (Japan) Global Beauty List. First place,pumpkin seed extract, Takesaki Asada (Japan) Second place, Shen Huizhen (South Korea) Third place, Leng Ruyue (China). prius-biotech.com

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