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The Wudang wooden Taoist got ready early. With a wild laugh, he jumped up and flew up. With a long sword in his hand, "the spring breeze turned into two," and the lightning struck out. But see- Silver Star Ten Million. The sky is full of flowing sinuses. Galloping and hissing, the reverse vulture Hei Saner rolled his head in the past, and at the same time, his left palm was flat on his chest, and he was waiting for an opportunity to move. This "spring breeze turns into two" sword move is one of the most exquisite and magical moves in Wudang swordsmanship. In the blink of an eye, it turns into a thousand wisps of cold light, just like a sudden rain in the air. The vulture black three son sees the sword potential power is extremely big, but also does not dare to light its edge! Busy gas sink Dantian, the body rushed forward to collect a thousand catties of Lin, people have fallen down. It never occurred to the Wudang wooden Taoist that the vulture Hei San'er, hanging in the air, could still move like this from the heart, and that this invincible "spring breeze and rain" trick would be dissolved invisibly by his understatement. The Wudang wooden Taoist missed a single blow, but he flew over the head of the vulture Hei San'er. He hurriedly sank into the Dantian, and his feet fell to the ground. He looked back at the vulture Hei San'er, who was about to fly to attack, and shouted angrily, "Humph!"! It's not much of a skill to play tricks like this. It seems that you, Black Three, the vulture, are not just a name in vain! Hei San'er, the vulture, was provoked by his words. Sure enough,euro plastic pallet, he didn't do it again. He rolled over on his back and retreated several feet. He glanced back at Lu Hsiao-piao, who was watching the battle attentively and learning the sword. Although he didn't say a word, he was saying, "Boy, have you seen it clearly?"? Do you remember everything? Lu Hsiao-piao gratefully chirped the vulture Hei San'er and immediately nodded to him knowingly. Two years together, dawn and dusk together, between them, although a blood feud, rarely speak, but care for each other has long been connected. This kind of relationship is not only peculiar and rare in the world,plastic pallet supplier, but also even more puzzling. The vulture Hei San'er turned his head with joy and stared at the Wudang wooden Taoist across his sword chest. He smiled coldly and then said, "Old ox nose!"! You don't have to provoke me with words, you can draw a line, I am the vulture black three son to accompany, but! We have to bet on something, don't you dare? The Wudang Wooden Taoist was so angry with his arrogant and contemptuous attitude that his seven orifices gave birth to a wish and leapt like thunder. Hearing a sharp sound, the Wudang wooden Taoist clapped his neck and said, "Black Three!"! How about we bet on the head of this man? Just as the vulture Hei San'er wanted him to do this, a sly smile flashed through his eyes. He pointed his sword and said coldly, "a word from a gentleman!" The Wudang wooden Taoist continued, "You can't go back on your horse!" The vulture Hei San'er smiled coldly and said in a deep voice, "Fight to the death. No one needs to be polite, you!"! After you, please! The Wudang wooden Taoist was so angry that he trembled all over. He glared at him and tried to say something, but held back. Bald Black Saner and Wudang Wooden Taoist stared at each other and were locked in a stalemate. No one dared to learn lightly and act rashly. There was a silence. The air suddenly condensed and made people feel suffocated. Time keeps flying by. A long time! Their feet are finally beginning to move. From the curtain to the fast, like a merry-go-round in the circle of rotation. Suddenly- An exclamation. And then -- A figure rose into the sky, and the silver rainbow shot straight down. The vulture Hei San'er was the first to launch an attack. His body and sword flew together, and he rolled straight to the Wudang wooden Taoist. The Wudang wooden Taoist turned his backhand around, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic pallet box, and with a flash of his sword and a sharp sound of "Dang," he had already opened the chest of the vulture Hei San'er, who was attacking him. He shook his wrist and passed it, and the blade of his sword went straight down the left shoulder of the vulture Hei San'er. The vulture Hei Saner smiled coldly, his shoulders shook gently, and he got out of the way to the right. The sword in his hand shook his wrist, and there was a buzzing sound of the elk sword! Sword blossoms, lightning flying out, straight to the heart of Wudang wooden Taoist. The two of them met this time, which was quite different from the situation just now. This fight, not only the tactics of the brutal and command the first opportunity, but also with the fight of the true strength of the inner family, each sword in the offensive, are coupled with a thousand enough true strength of the inner family. Either side, as long as a slight flaw, the other side took advantage of the situation to send out the true power of the inner family contained in the body of the sword, and attacked the past like an avalanche. It can lead to serious injury or death. So! Neither the Condor Hei San'er nor the Wudang Wooden Taoist dare to make a move easily, but every move must be full of murder.
However! The two of them, however, did not seem to be fighting each other to the death. They looked at each other intently and were locked in a stalemate for a long time. Then they suddenly waited for one and a half moves to attack each other, and when they met, they retreated in an instant and still became locked in a stalemate. Actually! This is a once-in-a-century contest, not only in terms of skill, skill, and speed, but also in terms of wisdom, experience, reaction, and endurance. Although there is nothing to see on the surface, in fact, death is tied to a line, and life and death depend on the moment. The two men fought for an hour or so, but still did not win or lose. The vulture, Hei Saner, gradually became impatient. In the sound of exclamations, the tall figure was already flying into the sky. wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Chapter V \ t = xt * * Xiao/Shuo Tian ^ Tang% The Wudang wooden Taoist was so happy that he was not willing to let go of his flaw. With a long roar, the silver rainbow opened quickly, and with a sword, "the hidden dragon ascended to heaven," he pursued him. But see- The silver rainbow is dazzling. Go straight up to the sky. The lightning is running fast. The sword is pressing. Is about to sweep the vulture black three son under the plate, Lu Xiaopiao dark shout a bad, can not help but pinch a cold sweat for him. Suddenly- The vulture Hei Saner punched his feet, suddenly turned two somersaults in midair, and the backhand of the sword in his hand passed quickly. As soon as the Wudang wooden Taoist missed a hit, he hurriedly lifted the Dantian True Qi, and his right foot touched the top of his left foot. With the help of this, he rose again. The long sword slanted out, and with a sharp sound of "Dang," the long sword of Black Three, the vulture, was set free. In the midst of the exclamation, the sword performs "wind and rain in all directions." It hisses and roars, carrying the silver stars all over the sky, and plunges under the hood of the vulture Hei San'er. Just listen- The vulture Hei Saner gave a sneer, drew back his legs, leaned back, and did two more somersaults. The figure shook, and it was already slanting over. Wudang Mu could not help but feel a shock in his heart. He thought to himself,plastic trash bins, "This man's flying skill is really very skillful. I'm afraid no one in the world today can match his skill of swimming in the air, avoiding moves, and attacking." 。 cnplasticpallet.com

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