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O Kaue

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Without waiting for Liu Zhou to figure it out, Wu Zheng broke the mud ball with his hand, and the white and tender chicken was exposed, accompanied by a strong aroma. Although there are scorch marks in some places, it is still very attractive in this wilderness. He moved his index finger, wiped his finger casually on his clothes, reached out to grab the meat, and stopped the needle in the middle of the day. Wu Zheng was stupefied and looked at Liu Zhou. Liu Zhou smiled, lowered his head and moved his fingers intently. The needle cut the meat quickly and divided it into neat strips. The flesh and blood were separated, and the burnt places were perfectly removed. He withdrew the needle and said, "Isn't that more comfortable than the way you eat it?" The look in the eyes that does not contend reveals adoration immediately, he says: "Did not think of your needle to still have this kind of wonderful use!" "In the middle of nowhere," said Liu Zhou, "when you walk alone, you have to have some skills, don't you?" He said it was smart, but in fact he seldom used needles to do this kind of thing, and he ate some dry food at most when he was on his way. The last time he used a needle, when he was with his friends, the fools urged him to show his weapon.. Liu Zhou felt a headache and reached out to rub his temple. At this moment, Wu Zheng suddenly picked up a piece of chicken and put it on Liu Zhou's mouth,metal stamping parts, saying, "Open your mouth." Liu day did not react to come over, dull open mouth, no dispute conveniently handed in the chicken, fingers accidentally touched each other's lips lightly. The other person's tongue rolled up subconsciously and licked at the fingertips. I felt my fingertips soft, as if I had been electrocuted, and my face turned red quietly, and I quickly took my fingers back. Liu Zhou was stupefied for a moment and inadvertently looked at each other without contention. He chuckled,alloy die casting, chewed for a while, swallowed the chicken, and said, "Delicious." I feel my heart beating a little fast. He stroked his chest and stuffed a piece of meat into his mouth. The pheasant meat is a little hard, and the taste is not good at the beginning, but it will be very delicious when you taste it carefully. He likes the taste. Two people, one for you and one for me, quickly ate the whole pheasant. After eating, they were not in a hurry to leave. In the afternoon, they lay on the hill together and looked at the clouds in the sky, as if the top of the Forbidden City and the world crisis did not exist. Wu Zheng looked at Heaven and said, "Little.." Xiao Zhou, I want to say one more thing about Murong Bai. Don't be unhappy. "Don't say it," said Liu Zhou. "I know what you're going to say. You think I am. I am. Don't call me by the name of Xiao Zhou. It's silly. Wu Zheng was a little surprised and did not speak for a moment. Liu Zhou turned his head in high spirits after a while and said, deep draw stamping ,car radiator cap, "But there is no dispute. The Murong Bai in your dream is a little far from the real Murong Bai." "How do you know?" Asked Wu. Of course I know. Who doesn't know anything like you? Murong Bai is indeed the leader of the Demon Sect, but now the Demon Sect has declined, and the big faction will not pursue it fiercely. They are not willing to let go of Murong Bai, because this guy put forward a very harsh request in addition to the contest. Wu Zheng simply turned to Liu Zhou and asked, "What do you want?" "If the leader of the Wulin Alliance loses, he wants the other side to give him the whole Wulin Alliance." Wu Zheng curled his lips and said, "I've known that for a long time.". Do you have any fresh ones? For example, let the leader of the martial arts world do striptease in public. For another example, seriously speaking, it is not impossible for Murong Bai to change the Wulin League into the headquarters of the Demon Sect, which will really make Wulin Zhengdao turn pale with fright and deal with him unanimously. Liu Zhou said, "If it's just like that, it's all right. After all, the tables are turned. It's not that the leader of the Demon Sect has become the leader of the Wulin Alliance.." "However, this Murong Bai did say that if he got the Wulin League, he would not be interested in fame and fortune.". He will take the whole Wulin League and attack the court. No dispute: ".." He's crazy. The chivalrous person violates the ban with martial arts, and the most taboo is to attack the court. On the one hand, this will hurt the vitality of the country, on the other hand, it will also make Wulin encircled and suppressed by officers and soldiers, and there will be no place to live. Anyone who has a little power and a little brain knows to avoid the action of the court, even if it is the revenge of killing his father and taking his wife, it must be solved in Jianghu, and the government must not be involved. Murong Bai was also a person who had been the leader of the Demon Sect, and it was impossible for him to know nothing about the fate of provoking the court.
How could he be so stupid as to do such a thing? If in other worlds, the destruction of the world is Murong Bai's helpless move, then Murong Bai in this world is purely brain pumping! Is this really his little white? Incredibly, he asked, "Do the Wulin people really listen to him?" Liu Zhou sighed: "Listen.". The so-called spirit of people in the martial arts world is to do what they say. The leader of the alliance has agreed on the content of the tournament, and if he loses, he will be obedient. The same is true of those who obey the leader of the alliance. No matter what absurd orders the other side gives, they will carry out a little. What's more, most of them are self-righteous and disapprove of the court, and it's very likely that they will do something stupid in the end. Wudong thought about it carefully and felt that it was particularly absurd, but it was very likely to happen. The crisis of the world was born in this funny form, which made him particularly helpless. Liu Zhou pointed to the sky. "That's why it's called the top of the Forbidden City." Wuzheng looked at the clouds in the sky, sighed sadly, and got up to go. Liucheng, the Qin family. So that's it! Qin Ershao looked shocked, "I thought." No wonder even you are afraid of Murong Bai! This time I misbehaved and it didn't stop me! No wonder! Qin Dashao sat in front of him and said with a serious look, "Yes, this matter has not been made public yet, and very few people know about it.". Everyone was worried that once the court knew about it, it would destroy Wulin directly. "What should I do?" Asked Qin Ershao. Qin Dashao said, "Don't worry too much.". The leader of the martial arts world has invited a superior. He must be able to kill Murong Bai before he arrives. "Who is that?" Asked Qin Ershao. "Lu Changren, the master of the leader of the Wulin Alliance, is the sword of extreme meaning." Chapter 68 the summit of the Forbidden City. In the evening,non standard fasteners, Wu Zheng and Liu Zhou came to Miao City. Miao City is the festival of the local ethnic minorities these days. The streets and alleys are decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, and people wear colorful clothes to bless each other. It was late, and they finally found an inn and settled down inside. autoparts-dx.com

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